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Babolat Pure Aero: The Racquet Designed to Meet the Style of Modern-Day Players

Rafa Nadal Racquet - Babolat
Rafael Nadal Tennis Racquet - Babolat Pure Aero
Formerly known as the AeroPro, the  Babolat Pure Aero is perhaps the choice of every modern-day tennis players. It's engineered perfectly to suit the spin, speed, and power requirements of today's athletes. Pure Aero's design follows the signature technology of Babolat; just enough for it to rise to the level of AeroPro Drive's popularity, but comes with an appealing cosmetic lift.
Here are a few features that the Babolat PureAero boasts:


Designed with AeroModular2

The latest version of Babolat's offering sports an interesting update in the AeroModular shaft design, making the racket one of the fastest frames that's existing in the world of tennis paraphernalia today.


Enlarge grommet holes

The design incorporates woofer grommets in the mid-section of the racket frame, thereby increasing its aero-dynamism, trampoline effect, and ball pocketing. The holes have been enlarged to make the strings more vibration-absorbent.


Stronger swingweight

The Babolat Pure Aero racket comes with a stronger swingweight of 330 that allows you to achieve maximum plow through from the baseline. When coupled with its enlarged string bed, you can certainly expect to get a much bigger spin with additional RPM.


Added Frame String Interaction (FSI) technology

The Pure Aero is designed with FSI technology that comes with wider spaces between crosses. You can think of a big spin with this kind of open weave of the string bed. This is the technology you need for maintaining your advanced playing style.


The racket is what you need for experiencing an unmatched level of spin and power. Not to forget, the racket packs in exciting new features that are great for achieving enhanced plow through, comfort, and stability. If you trade groundstrokes, this is racket you should add to your arsenal.
The Babolat Pure Aero is gaining more fame than its previous versions owing to the comfort it provides to players. The additional ball bite achieved with the FSI technology can enable both intermediate and advanced players. The racket feels accurate, crisp, and powerful from the baseline and comes with sufficient pop to give you more control on the court.
The Babolat Pure Aero is a spin machine par excellence, allowing you to strike a ball heavily to drop it hard. You can expect excellent precision and stability while making aggressive serves. The racket reflects the sports company's legacy appealingly and brings all the features together beautifully in one frame for boosting the performance of contemporary tennis players.


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