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Are you a people person? Do you enjoy sports, in particular soccer, tennis or running, and feel that your knowledge in these areas would be an asset to our customers? If so, then you may be a perfect fit for one of many jobs World Tennis Alton Sports in Motion has to offer. We reopen on November 12th and are looking for staff members who are as passionate about sport as they are about providing excellent customer service.
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Whether you are a student or simply someone who is looking for a job, World Tennis Alton Sports in Motion may be just the right place for you to apply. Why not pay a visit to our store and inquire which positions are available? There is sure to be one of at least a few jobs Alton Sports has to offer that may be suitable for you. We are currently looking for staff members who either partake in soccer, tennis or running or who at least have extensive knowledge about these sports, as that is mainly what we are specializing in. The good news is that we need staff to start as soon as possible, so all you need to do is visit our Miami Beach store in order to inquire about positions which may still be available.
You never know. There may just be a position that is perfectly suited to you. We are currently hiring, so join our team of successful staff members right here at World Tennis Alton Sports in Motion in Alton Road, Miami Beach. Your extensive knowledge about sports could be just what you need to land the perfect job at our store. So why not stop by our store, bring your CV along and speak with one of our existing staff members? 

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