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Founded by Howard Head in 1950 in Maryland, Head is a leading company in sporting goods with expertise in alpine skis and tennis racquets, among other products.       


Racquet Sports Equipment 

It is said that about 30 % of the Top 100 tennis players in the ATP Tour use the company’s racquets. Therefore, it is safe to say that the brand is a known name in the racquet sports industry. Their products include tennis balls, high quality racquets, and athletic shoes designed to optimize best court performance. The company products meet any racquet sports need and have recently added badminton and squash racquets to the line up. High technology strings, over grips and racquets have put the brand at the top.   


Best on the Courts 

For over 50 years, Head’s tennis equipment has been considered state of the art quality. Any athlete looking for durability, flexibility and ultimate playability will find many ideal solutions in Head’s top strings and accessories. This brand is a great manufacturer of high quality strings made from multiple materials. From natural gut to synthetics and hybrids, their strings offer increased sweat absorption, high rebound levels and ultimate spin and power optimization, making any racquet the best on the court.   


Other Tennis Sensations 

Named after Novak Djokovic, the Djokovic dampener is an excellent product that many pros and amateurs alike will enjoy for maximum string performance. Other sensational products sure to become essentials are the company’s high tech tennis balls. With the best bounce around, Penn balls are made for pro, recreational and amateur activity. Insane Pro Junior, Speed Pro Lite and others are among the brand’s high quality footwear offered in men’s, women’s and junior sizes. Caps, apparel and bags are also ideal products offered.   The company covers almost any sports dilemma offering products for Tennis, Racquetball Squash and Padel. While it now mainly operates in Europe, the company’s products are used worldwide.  

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