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The Best Aquasphere Googles and Swim Caps You Must Have In Your Kit For Sure

Most people eagerly wait for summer to spend time in the water, either at the beach or in the neighborhood swimming club. You may be one of them too. And guess what? That time is already here!

Before you plunge into the water, you need to get your goggles and swim caps in place. These are the essential accessories for a swimmer as far as protection is concerned.

If you are looking for the best ones for your sport, then Aquasphere has an excellent collection for you. Here are a few googles and swim cap options from the sports brand you can consider:



1.     Kayenne – Polarized lens

With its one-of-a-kind, oversized lens makeup, the Kayenne Polarized Lens brings together far-reaching four-point vision with advanced hydrodynamics owing to its low-profile micro-frame. A polarized lens cuts out glare and boosts contrast, making it perfect for outdoor swimmers. This feature makes it ideal for a competition, whether in a pool or open waters.

2.    Kayenne – Mirrored lens

Mirrored lenses provide maximum protection in bright sunlight conditions. So just like their polarized lens counterparts, the Kayenne Mirrored lens lineup is what you need for the pool or open water competitions. These goggles come with an oversized, ultra-resilient Plexisol lens, which provides four-point expanded, 180-degree visibility. The low-profile micro-frame is just perfect to experience superior hydrodynamics at every stroke.


Swim caps


If you are looking for a shower cap that would accompany you in any water-based adventure, then the Aquasphere’s exquisite collection is your best option. Designed in 3D shapes to reduce wrinkles and drag for superior comfort and peak performance. The FINA-approved, silicone makeup of the swim caps makes them durable accessories for both novice and advanced swimmers.

Swim Cap Aqua Fit

Swim Cap Silicone

Whether male or female, beginner or experienced, every swimmer should consider the above Aquasphere accessories so that they get a better, safer, and more rewarding experience when in water.

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