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Check why world famous tennis players string their racquets with us when they are in Miami and Miami Beach.


Why Tennis Stars Get Their Racquets Stringed By Us

At World Tennis, we carry tennis racquets built to last. These tennis racquets withstand intense games, sunshine, water, perspiration and hurtling tennis balls. We carry a multitude of racquets fabricated in a variety of materials of the highest quality.


The importance of high caliber strings cannot be understated. As you use your tennis racquet more and more, the tension in the strings starts to falter. You should think about getting your racquet stringed when your tennis racquet starts to feel like it is losing its punch.


We provide racquet stringing services to tennis players of all skill levels. We are the preferred provider of racquet stringing services for the following reasons:


  • Type of string – We will not limit you in terms of the type of string you want to use on your tennis racquet. You can purchase your desired string, or we can undertake the process for you. We are willing to work with natural gut or synthetic string. Hybrid stringing options may also be discussed. If you are a beginner player, we can also recommend the best string for your racquet.


  • String tension – Tennis string tension is the amount of pressure the string is exposed to when being pulled by the stringing machine. Typically, lower tension allows for more power and enhanced sensitivity whereas higher tension results in greater control. We can help you identify the ideal string tension for your racquet and your skill level.


  • Beginner help – We at World Tennis are here for the love of tennis and love to see new people getting into the game. We are happy to help beginners by explaining things and helping find the best gear for your game.



Take the time to experiment and ensure enough time after each restringing before you dismiss a new stringing. With respect to string, there is no right or wrong string type or tension. It is highly dependent on the player’s style, the level and frequency of playing and personal preference. There is a multitude of different types and tensions of strings which can be daunting. World Tennis can be your consultant in these matters.




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