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Why You Should Choose World Tennis for Buying Your Tennis Shoes

Buying a pair of sports shoes, whether for running, cardio, a sport, hiking or any activity can be confusing. Further, if you find the shoes do not fit the bill, not only have you made a mistake but you have probably forked out a significant amount as well.

World Tennis stocks a line of sports shoes from world-famous manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, Head, Wilson, and Asics. These shoes are reliable and well-constructed, and also make an appealing statement. We have something for everyone – runners, tennis players, gym buffs and others. If you have unstable or achy knees and joints, we have the shoes for you.

When it comes to tennis, shoes are differently crafted than running or hiking shoes. Using the wrong shoes can lead to injury or chronic damage to the leg muscles. We consider the following factors in recommending the best tennis shoes for you:

  • Foot type – Tennis shoes are made for three types of feet: flat feet, feet with a high arch and feet with a normal arch. Each type has different requirements to perform at their peak and prevent injury. Flat feet typically need to keep their ankles supported adequately to prevent them from turning inward. Likewise, they need to keep their heel supported. Feet with high arches may require cushioning in the mid-sole and outer edge of the shoes to support the ball and heel of the foot. World Sports can assist you in this evaluation.

  • Court surface – When visiting World Sports to choose your tennis shoes, keep in mind to inform us of the surface you regularly play on: whether clay, concrete or grass. Shoes with less traction are ideal for clay courts. Shoes with good shock absorption are essential for concrete courts. For grass courts, shoes with tiny cleats and greater cushioning are the most suitable.

  • The nature of the game – Tennis as a game characteristically involves sudden stopping movements to take shots, side to side movement, and backward and forward movement. These characteristic features of the game are essential to keep in mind when choosing your shoes. It is the reason that athletic shoes will not always work for tennis.

Choose World Tennis for buying your tennis shoes. Our experts can help you in picking out the perfect shoes for you and answer all your questions. We have a wide selection from which you are sure to find what you need.


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