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As a company with over 130 years experience, Babolat is a well-known and trusted name in sporting goods. However, unlike many of its competitors, this company is exclusively known for their high-end tennis racquets, shoes and strings.   Strings Named after founder Pierre Babolat, who is said to have invented the first strings made of natural gut, the company’s string products and racquets have been used by professional athletes like Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Fabio Fognini, and others. This brand offers the best and most excellent quality in athletic shoes designed for the courts, also manufacturing top-notch strings made from gut, synthetic material and hybrids, known for their durability, rebound capabilities and overall efficiency.  



Babolat offers high performance racquets for intermediate, pro, recreational, kids and junior players. With ideal balance points and high performing dynamics, these tennis racquets are among the best in the industry and are ideal for any type of player to get a grab on. Some of the brand’s top racquet series for competitive players are the Pure Drive, AeroPro Drive, Aero Storm and more. For recreational use, the brand has racquets like the Pulsion 102, Contact Tour and the E-Sense Open.  


Other Products

Although strings and racquets are the company’s expertise, it is also an all-tennis brand that provides other accessories needed for the sport. They manufacture balls, grips, bags, shoes and apparel. With such a leading history in the market, this brand is able to offer the best variety of balls and other equipment for all ages. Whether it’s a beginning adult or kid superstar, the company’s tennis balls come in all levels of range. The company line provides both pressure and pressureless balls, with an efficient and helpful Kid edition.   Other Babolat products are high quality jackets, overgrips and high dynamic shoes that are sure to give any squash, tennis or badminton player the ideal edge. This company is a great one to keep in mind when shopping for excellence in the market.


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