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The New Roger Federer Tennis Racquet – Wilson Pro Staff RF97 – Volume UP!

The new Roger Federer Tennis Racquet – Wilson Pro Staff RF97

Roger Federer is back from a two-month respite from the tour and takes to the grass courts of Stuttgart, Germany with a major change in his equipment. He’s playing with his new tennis racquet, which is designed in association with world’s largest sports company Wilson.

The tennis icon retains the specs of the racquet’s previous versions, which were launched in 2015 and reintroduced in 2016, but revamps its looks completely. Let’s take a look at this piece of engineering here.

Iconic design meant for the tennis legend

For this year, Wilson gives the iconic Pro Staff RF97 Autograph an entirely new look, sporting the same specifications from the playability standpoint but distinguished by its elegant and bold simplicity. The weight, balance, swing weight, string pattern, and stiffness make the new version a clone of the previous ones, but the black of its iconic frame gets timeless white accents at 3’o’clock and 9’o’clock for an enhanced look.

Not only this, the tennis racquet brings classic control and sleek design into one package that tennis player can’t help but love. The addition of the white matte finish was an important decision of both the Wilson team and Roger Federer, who wanted to simplify and refine the look and visual acuity of the previous version.

What makes the RF97 so different?

Here are a few aspects that set the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph racquet apart from the rest in the market:

  • The signature design makes it the personal choice of Roger.

  • Consistent, pure feel due to the braided graphite composition.

  • Ageless Pro Staff formula, including a thin beam, headlight balance, and Perimeter Weighting System.

  • Stable makeup and plough-through, allowing for redirecting heavy paces with incredible ease.

  • Explosive acceleration for top-spins.

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is a racquet that perhaps intermediate players may not be able to handle. You need to possess supreme mechanics and do the advanced footwork to get maximum utility from the tennis racquet. You might have to play an attacking style if you wish to get the best groundstrokes with this tennis racquet. The stable frame is perfect for touching shots and dropping volleys, and the string pattern is great for some extra spin with consistency.

The Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, with its excellent class, pinpoint precision, and ultimate feel, is the perfect tennis racquet for powerful, attacking players. It’s also a fun stick to have if you wish to unleash the Roger Federer spirit in you for a while.

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